Mastering Your Heart Power

Illuminating Pathways for Creative Leaders

Mastering Your Heart Power: What do you want to achieve?

How are you going to achieve it?

What obstacles are you facing?

Shem Guibbory - teacher, advisor, performer and founder of SoundSense© - shares his 50+ years of experience to help you receive and manifest your vision, using your Heart Power.  He is a life-long learner, a violinist currently playing with the Metropolitan Opera, a creator of original multi-arts works and an organizational leader. Shem uses his training and teaching skills as a professional violinist and creative artist, along with 20+ years of practice in internal martial arts to show you how to reach your flow state so you can work effortlessly at your best, without thinking about it. Add this all together (plus a few extra key ingredients) and you have SoundSense©.

What is Heart Power and Why is it important?

Heart Power is the moving force behind passion, creativity, communication and awareness in all professions and art forms.  As you develop your Heart Power your creativity and intuition will increase, and others will be more inspired to follow your lead; your capacity to receive what you need will expand, as will your capacity to give to others. Heart Power Mastery is when you become one with your work, your creativity, your art.  Heart Power allows you to realize your infinite potential, starting now.



Mastering Your Heart Power Sessions

DISCOVERY SESSION - 30 minute personal meeting - $100

In your discovery session you can tell me what you most want to accomplish, what obstacles you might be facing, and we will briefly discuss your history in pursuing that objective and clearing obstacles. You will also receive a specific suggestion from me that will help you right now, as well as prepare you for your Fundamentals I sessions.

All sessions on recorded on Zoom and sent to you after each session

FUNDAMENTALS I - Four 30' sessions, one Discovery session plus two SoundSense© Music mp3s

(Discovery session free)

  1. Intention, Imagination and Awareness
  2. Discipline inter-relates with Freedom, Control with Surrender
  3. Vibration and Resonance
  4. Layered Learning

FUNDAMENTALS II - four individual 30' sessions includes 2 SoundSense© Music mp3s

  1. Overcoming subconscious resistance
  2. The Inner Child - Doorway to Subconscious and Supraconscious
  3. The Mirror
  4. Skill building and Layered Learning 2

SoundSense© Personal Advisor Session - 60' - includes one SoundSense© Music mp3

Devoted to you and what your heart most wants to achieve.  In this session, Shem gives you his compassionate listening skills and extensive problem-solving experience.  He will show you how to connect with the higher wisdom of your Inner Child, and how you can plan out opportunities in your daily life to put Fundamentals in action.

SoundSense©Music mp3s are Shem's original improvisations and/or recordings of Master Songs or Compositions that facilitate your learning by opening creative pathways in your body-mind.  They facilitate direct access to your Heart Power.  Together with the recordings of your sessions, they are an intrinsic aspect of your work with him.

Using his compassionate and intuitive listening ear (honed after decades of playing musical instruments) Shem can also identify where your creative energy is constricted, and with the aid of SoundSense© Music open you to receive what you need. SoundSense© Music is one a several tools he uses to help you develop mastery of your Heart Power.



Here we will talk together and see how you can apply the Fundamentals to your life in order to:

  • Dissolve resistance around your creative potential
  • Allow flow into all aspects of your life
  • Help you to receive more of what you most need
  • Start to realize your infinite potential, now

“Shem was able, in a very short time, to zero in and shine the light on several issues that I have been masterfully deflecting. “

-Eileen, Communications Specialist, CA

I am ready to schedule my Session!

“His excellent communication and targeted exercises provided me with a new set of skills that I apply daily to continue enhancing the effectiveness of my work and my overall state of being.”

-Carmen, Executive Leadership Advisor, CA

I am ready to schedule my Session!

“Shem has great wisdom and knowledge which he used to help me to tap into and use my yin body felt completely free and incredibly strong.“

-Katy, Sound Medium, Alternative & Holistic Health Practitioner

Claire Stefani
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“He is helping me to heal an old and deep aspect of myself that has to do with my feeling a lack of self-worth, self value; his work helps me believe that I am worthy of respect and value from others.“

-Diane, Writer, VA