Shem Guibbory

Shem Guibbory is a violinist, a lifelong learner and educator who has enjoyed decades of creative expression throughout the Arts. Highlights from over 50 years of his professional musical life include performances as a violin soloist with the New York Philharmonic and the Beethoven-Halle Orchestra, membership in musical groups Steve Reich and Musicians and Anthony Davis’ Epistémé, nearly a dozen audio recordings on major labels, decades of experience as an educator and organizational leader, and hundreds of performances and recordings with his amazing colleagues of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, working with titans such as Pavarotti, Domingo, Levine, TeKanawa, Freni, Battle, Netrebko, DiDonato, Salminen, Ghiaurov, Hvorostovsky, Carlos Kleiber, Barenboim, Gatti, Armiliato, and many, many others.

Shem began the study of Violin at the age of 5 with his older brother Yenoin. At CalArts he studied Music from around the world and it’s natural integration with all Arts, and continued his Music studies with many fine teachers including Broadus Erle, David Nadien, Evelyn Read, Albert Markov, and Sophie Feuermann. Hassler Whitney, Eve Cohen and Frances Kaplan each had a profound influence on his teaching approach.  Throughout his life he has studied the Internal Martial Arts; in the last 20 years with Master Joseph Zeiskey, Grand Master Joseph Ng, and Master Phillip J. Coyle.

He has spent many years seeking personal growth and freedom from many hindrances of mind that impeded his flow of creative energy.  Significant among his teachers are Pamela Lendzion and Jeff Krock in Life Energy Fundamentals (LEF®) programs, Joseph Rael (Beautiful Painted Arrow), and Belinda Womack's 12 Archangels University, of which he is a graduate of the Accelerated Discovery Program.

As an independent creative artist he has been collaborating in the creation of new works with dancers, visual artists, filmmakers, writers and musicians for over 30 years.  He has received fellowships from the Rockefeller Foundation (Bellagio), the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, and Spain’s Centre por Ars y Natura, and twice received the ASCAP/CMA award for Adventurous Programming.

“This album is surely a triumph for Guibbory, whose performances glow magnificently” Gapplegate Classical Blog February 2014

As an organizational leader he has been Music Director of the Chamber Music Conference, served many years as Chairman of the MET Orchestra Associate Musicians’ Committee (contracts and labor negotiation), as Co-Chair of the Special Projects Committee of the CalArts Alumni Association, and as a board member of the NY Chapter of the Recording Musicians’ Association (RMA-NY). He has served as an Artistic Advisor for a number of prominent arts organizations, in areas of long-range artistic programs, Leadership and Strategic Planning.  Leaders who have influenced him the most were I. Phillip Sipser, Bella Linden, Steven D. Lavine, Joseph Volpe, Stephen M. Reid, John Maxwell and Bobb Bhiel.

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