Yes, sessions are conducted either on the phone, or on the Zoom video conferencing platform.  Zoom sessions are recorded for your future reference. After each one you can download a file so you can review the session at any time. There is no extra charge for this.

No. Your initial 15’ consultation is by telephone, Face-Time or Zoom, and is free. After that, you are under no obligation to book another session. Subsequent individual sessions are 60 minutes; a four session series is also available.

The introductory offer price for one 60’ session is $300; after that, additional single sessions are $400; price for a 4 session series is $1500, to be used within 4 months, and will include one additional piece of SoundWisdom music.  Payment for all sessions is in advance, via PayPal or other electronic funds transfer.

Curiosity, an open mind and an open heart!

Shem offers clients an empathic and attentive ear. SoundWisdom© includes empathic dialogue, sound, music and images, as well as movement derived from ancient QiGong systems, in guided exercise. His extensive leadership experience in arts and business combine with superior communication skills to enable him to relate to most all people - from musicians and artists to corporate employees and CEOs. Each person’s needs are addressed on an individual basis, step-by-step, one layer at a time.

Healing work with Shem and SoundWisdom© can be experienced as

  • going past the control of the rational mind that says “keep control or else!” and learning how to trust your own intuitive knowledge or skill.
  • reliably surpassing the limits of technical training
  • constrictions and limiting beliefs giving way to joy and ease in your work
  • a “letting go” which promotes a relaxed mind, more flexible joints, and better circulation through the entire body.

No.  However, it may be helpful to know the terms Yin, Feminine Energy and Divine Feminine - they all describe aspects of what is sometimes referred to as the “right side of the brain”. The notion of a “side” of our brains, of course, is a conventional expression, right or left.  For both women and men, in areas of creativity and leadership, increasing the flow of Feminine energy through mind and body, results in a happier, more receptive, more effective You.

Any other questions? Please feel free
to ask Shem!