What is the Doorway!

Why is it important to me in playing music?


Keys to the Doorway: Brahms

Get inside the “skin” of Maestro Brahms and experience his music from inside-out!

Get inside the “skin” of Maestro Brahms and experience his music from inside-out!

Play in the Key of Rhythm©  is a three module course -presently offered online through Summertrios - designed to enhance and develop your expressive skills. If health and safety conditions permit I and participants will meet for live sessions in July of 2021, location TBA.

The course is for musicians of any instrument, and able to accept players from various levels of ability.

Why is rhythm important for your expressive skills? Rhythm, pulse, timing - these elements are the foundation of phrasing and organize all musical feeling. Just like a building with a solid foundation supports the most imaginative living and working spaces an architect can dream up, your rhythm, pulse and timing give structure to your most intense, your most subtle expressive impulses..

When you complete this course you will be able to feel all sorts of rhythms more easily, while you are playing phrases; you will help to free yourself from unseen, sub-conscious resistance that can get in the way of your musical experience (or simply playing rhythms) and you will find it easier to play melodies that sing - on any instrument.


Module 1  - Reich, Music for Pieces of Wood

Module 2 - Messaien, Danse of Fury for the Seven Trumpets, from Quatuor pour La Fin du Temps

Module 3 - Beethoven, Heiliger Dankegesang, the three variations in the Lydian Mode from String Quartet #15 in a, Op.132

Communication and Trust: How to Give and Receive in Rehearsal and Practice

Taught in collaboration with Violinist Linda Rosenthal and Cellist Sara Male. Presented through Summertrios

Make your rehearsal preparation and practice skills more effective in these sessions where participants play, listen and give feedback to one another as peers. Think of this as your first rehearsal. Is there a passage that you are really not sure how to approach?  Submit it to us in advance and get ready to have some fun. Faculty members Sara, Linda and Shem gently guide the conversation, focusing on how to communicate constructively to others - and to yourself. Bring excerpts from the chamber music repertoire whether familiar to you or brand new. Members of pre-formed groups are invited to choose a section of their piece.

What Colleagues Say:


I've had the privilege of knowing my friend and colleague, Shem Guibbory, for some 15 years. I've performed with him and watched him coach ensembles, lead seminars, and deliver lectures and masterclasses. I have witnessed first-hand his ability to inspire students and colleagues with his artistry, passion for music, and vast musical knowledge. Shem has a remarkable gift for connecting with and encouraging musicians at all stages, from young students to adult amateurs to professional musicians.

Shem is not only a world-class violinist; he is also a caring and devoted teacher. He is guided by his own training and many years of experience as a professional musician, as well as his keen interest in other cultures, musical genres and art forms. This wealth of information and creative tools – both traditional and non-traditional – can be invaluable to musicians seeking to fulfill their musical aspirations. For anyone looking for long- or short-term guidance, ensemble coaching, help with specific technical, performance or even career issues, Shem Guibbory has my wholehearted recommendation.