Scheduling and Fees


Four 30' sessions, one Discovery session plus 2 SoundSense© Music mp3s - $600

(Discovery session free)

  1. Intention, Imagination and Awareness
  2. Discipline inter-relates with Freedom, Control with Surrender
  3. Vibration and Resonance
  4. Layered Learning

Discovery Session alone $100

Single Fundamental Session $220

All four Fundamental sessions must be completed within 4 months of the first session.

SoundSense© Personal Advisor Session

One hour, includes SoundSense Music© mp3  $360

Note: Scheduling is for the the first of the four sessions; subsequent sessions will be scheduled directly with Shem at the end of your first session.

FUNDAMENTALS II - Four 30' sessions, 2 SoundSense© Music mp3s, $600

  1. Overcoming subconscious resistance
  2. Our Inner Child - Doorway to Subconscious and Supraconscious
  3. The Mirror
  4. Skill building and Layered Learning 2

All four session to be completed within 4 months of the first session.

“His excellent communication and targeted exercises provided me with a new set of skills that I apply daily to continue enhancing the effectiveness of my work and my overall state of being.”

-Carmen, Executive Leadership Advisor, CA