Carmen, Executive Leadership Advisor, California

If you are a top business exec looking for advanced human potential techniques, you have to work with Shem!!

Shem displayed a great empathetic and caring approach while relating to the pressures and high level performance I undergo as an executive on a daily basis. With a deep understanding of energy flow, human conditioning and a very innovative approach, Shem helped me identify and release my biggest energetic blockage. His excellent communication and targeted exercises provided me with a new set of skills that I apply daily to continue enhancing the effectiveness of my work and my overall state of being. His commitment to excellence was as remarkable as researching my Catalan descent to incorporate my mother tongue in his musical piece!

I loved working with Shem!”

Eileen, Communications Specialist, California

“Shem was able, in a very short time, to zero in and shine the light on several issues that I have been masterfully deflecting.

His gentle strength and ability to see beyond the layers has been very helpful, as are the meditation techniques he offered to assist in my working with the revelations.

I am now able to move beyond my resistance. Thank you, Shem!”


Pavel, Musician, New York City

“Shem Guibbory's artistic achievements do not require introduction. He is well known to a wide range of audiences and much loved and respected by his musician colleagues.

I would like to give credit to Mr. Guibbory's pedagogical skills and his unique ability to help a performer deepen their musical understanding. His insightful and inspirational method is a great tool for anyone who seeks to refine their performance skills. I highly recommend Shem Guibbory's method to students and professionals alike who seek to strengthen their awareness and connection to the essence of the music performed as well as to those who are seeking to break through their practice routines and acquire a better understanding of the performance psychology.”

Katy, Singer/Songwriter, Personal Pathfinder, Nashville

“I loved my session with Shem! He has great wisdom and knowledge which he used to help me to tap into and use my yin power to create a strong, safe place from which I could stand in and move from in day to day life. Shem directed me through a beautiful practice, in a very gentle loving way to bring me to that place. He could feel when I was not quite there and knew the questions to ask and the direction to take to bring me back into my power and flow. My body felt completely free and incredibly strong, it wanted to keep moving in flowing movements and my mind was calm and centered. Emotionally I felt safety, strength and joy, my inner child just wanted to dance! Thank you Shem!!”


Sean, Digital Marketing Consultant, Sao Paolo, Brazil

Shem has a heart of gold and really seeks to understand your spiritual, practical and creative needs in order to customize a session just for you. In our session I cried and uncovered issues I didn't know I needed to look at. If you're looking to grow and learn, this modality is a sure way to do so.

Diane, Writer, Virginia

“Shem is helping me to heal an old and deep aspect of myself that has to do with my feeling a lack of self-worth, self value; his work helps me believe that I am worthy of respect and value from others. Being able to see myself as others see me. Instead of always doubting what they are saying because I can’t see that about myself. (I’m laughing as I write this, but this aspect certainly keeps me from having a big ego!!)

I both saw and felt his passion and sincerity in helping me - in his voice, facial expressions, movements and the information. His vibration, sincerity, and passion drew me in. It allowed me to have an “Ah-Ha!” moment.

And the music he created and played for me - Wow! I was blown away: that I felt what I did; the images I saw; and then how my body just starts moving with the music. And I just love, love, love it’s name!”


Natalia Betancourt Jaramillo, Strategy and Senior Innovation Manager, Munich, Germany

My session with Shem was amazingly transformative! We traced a unuseful pattern repeating in my working life, we reframe it and transformed it. I have been trying the exercises from shem at my work place and I feel that they have given me the trust on my own power. His energy filled me with so much courage during the session! I am very grateful!

Michele Wren, LMT, Portland OR

My session with Shem was really amazing. I have rarely experienced a session over the phone where I felt the practitioner was so present with me. He was able to pinpoint a direction for our work that was really helpful, and then worked with me in different ways and through deeper levels. Although we worked on serious issues, it was fun and light hearted. And how cool is it to have music composed for you to use to continue the work!! Highly recommended!