Shakra Qi Figure ©Barbara Lepak Perez
Shakra - Qi Figure ©Barbara Lepak Perez

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Concept Models

SoundSense © Fundamentals I and II use a number of conceptual models that help you access and develop your Heart Power.  The paintings on this page from Barbara Lepak Perez are examples.

Conceptual models help to present layered information that can be studied in individual pieces, put together, and eventually integrated into one thing. Models are also flexible and inherently evolving - as we learn more, see more connections between things, we update our models to reflect that greater knowledge.  A flexible model helps us avoid the cage of rigid, didactic thinking.  Models help us contextualize our growing awareness.

Conceptual models are also a helpful way for our "Left and Right Brains" to communicate and cooperate with each other.

The power of Yin energy

Learning to use your Yin energy - the "Feminine" energy of the Universe - is an important corollary to developing your Heart Power.  (Please note that Feminine and Masculine used here describe energy, not gender or behavior attributed to gender).

Shem has found that using his Yin energy is the most effective way to communicate as a leader, play music, and to create new works of art. This is an ancient principle and has been known for thousands of years. The process of learning the use of Yin energy is fully integrated into all SoundSense© sessions.

Shem has trained for many years with Grandmaster Joseph Ng who teaches and relies totally on the use of Yin energy.  When you develop your Yin / Feminine energy your Yang / Masculine energy automatically comes into balance.  At this high level of martial arts, using Yin / Feminine energy there are no winners, only equals; no domination, only equality.

In Shem's personal experience, consciously using Yin energy combined with balanced Yang energy is equal to using one's Divine Feminine energy to Receive and one's Divine Masculine energy to Focus.

Moreover, the more we learn to allow the Divine Feminine energy to inform our actions and choices day-to-day, the more we help bring our overly-Yang world into balance.

Shem Guibbory and Grandmaster Joseph Ng
Shem Guibbory and Grandmaster Joseph Ng
Proportion of Yin to Yang in the Universe ©Barbara Lepak Perez
Proportion of Yin to Yang in the Universe ©Barbara Lepak Perez

"Left Brain" vs "Right Brain" and Imagination

The terms "Right Brain" and "Left Brain" are simple conventions that allows us to recognize the clear distinction between linear, logical rational thinking minds (Left), and our wonderfully creative, inspiring, and imaginative minds (Right). Developing your Imagination Muscle (Fundamentals I)  relates directly to stimulating and developing your so-called Right Brain.

Using resonance of sound, music, color and Chi, Shem shows you how to connect with and stimulate your so-called Right Brain. In addition to charging up your creativity, this will also give you greater harmony within yourself and within the world around you.

Metaphor, Images, Symbols and Vibrations

Metaphor, Images and Symbols are fundamental elements of communication that can connect our Heart Power to our Brain.  They work on us in multiple ways, through use of our Imagination, and through the vibrations of sound and light.

Whether we are listening to a favorite music video, experiencing a fine Verdi opera with a great production, viewing a Rothko painting, hearing a Fairy Tale told by a Master Storyteller, and so on, our emotions and bodies are affected by vibrations - by metaphor, images and symbols.  The intention of the creators is conveyed through these vibrations, and our imaginations  stimulated.

Shem teaches you to use these principles in specific ways to access and develop your Heart Power.

World Tree of Chi ©Barbara Lepak Perez
World Tree of Chi ©Barbara Lepak Perez


I am deeply grateful to my brilliant teachers whose original and unique concepts are integrated into my work and shared here with you.

Foremost acknowledgment goes to Belinda Womack and the 12 Archangels, whose pragmatic and inspiring courses make common sense out of an otherwise overwhelming metaphysical world.  It is her personal encouragement - prodding, in fact - that has inspired me to share my knowledge and passion with an audience beyond the music world, and to do so with the intent to bring a greater balance between Feminine and Masculine energy in our world. 

Additional insights come from the late violinist Broadus Erle, violinist Albert Markov, Phillip J. Coyle, Joseph Zeiskey and Sifu Joseph Ng 

I hope you enjoy the beautiful paintings - conceptual models - created for me by Barbara Lepak Perez.

It is part of my deep nature to seek out what seemingly unrelated ideas and methods have in common. My colleague Natalia Betancourt Jaramillo suggested that I take that impulse and turn them into sessions.

Fundamentals I and II came from that idea. They offer you key learning concepts that have carried me through the hardest times and the best times, over many decades. I delight in sharing them with you.  Shem Guibbory



Belinda Womack       Phillip J. Coyle       Grandmaster Joseph NG

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5 Elements Practice: Water, photo © Phillip J. Coyle
Sifu Joseph Ng Receiving-Sending Qi image © Phillip J. Coyle

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