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Journey of 100

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Spring 2020: Seven accomplished healing artists join Shem, his violin and QiGong Practitioner Phillip J. Coyle to offer you simple, effective and inspiring methods that will help reduce fear, and increase your sense of well-being. The elements you absorb from these webcasts will help you navigate each day with a greater sense of security and personal empowerment. Each webcast has an introduction, presentations and a Q & A - total time approximately 60 minutes. All the webcasts are free.

#1 From Fear to Wellbeing 1

#2 From Fear to Wellbeing 2

Vibrational Healing #2 - From Fear to Wellbeing. Phil Coyle, Sean Harkness, Serena Buschi, Shem Guibbory

#3 Well-being, Passion and Change

Vibrational Healing #3 - Wellbeing, Passion & Change with Phil Coyle, Karen Crehan, Chris Morda and Carmen Cruz

Download Carmen Cruz-Montes’ “7 Levels Deep” File

Fill it out at your own pace, and feel free to contact Carmen at to share your findings, if you need any assistance, or if you have questions.

See you at the next Webcast on May 17, 12:00 Noon ET!

#4 Passion, Your Creativity, and Leadership

Vibrational Healing #4 - Passion, Change and Leadership with Phil Coyle, Tim Hawkesworth, Samite and Carmen Cruz

#5 Moving Back Into the World - and a Remembrance